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The Formulas - Sacred Keys

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Автор: Елеазар Хараш
Корици: меки
Състояние: нова
Страници: 320
Година: 2024

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The Formulas - Sacred Keys

Eleazar Harash


to the third edition

The formulas - they are an incredible gift.

The formulas have descended from the core of the Truth.

The formulas are the Highest vigilant powers and beings.

The formulas come from the Transcendent Source.

When you work for God - the formulas work for you.

Without The formulas and a pure yearning for God, people will always live in eternal anxiety.

When you perform the formulas, listen to the sound of your pure heart.

While we sleep, the formulas watch over us.

The formulas are a Kingdom from the world of Power and Silence.


Eleazar Harash


to the second edition

The formulas are the shaping force of the path.

The formulas are our spiritual immunity.

The formulas are beings that sculpt us.

While we dwell in the Sacred formulas, we reside in pure energy.

The formulas are Higher beings, they know when energy needs to be unlocked.

The formulas are vital forces descended from the Source of life.

The formulas plunder the power of difficulties.

The formulas are paths to the Temple of the Word.

The formulas and the Love for Truth bestow continuous vigilance.

The formulas are beings of the Pure Word. When the formulas help us, it's the invisible hand

of these beings. They know when to extend their hand.

The formulas are Words emerging from the Sanctuary of the Word.

The formulas are Ancient Earth.

The formulas are a slow sowing of your salvation.

In Love, there is salvation. A person of Love is saved without the Church.

The religious one is in evil. The person of Love is not in evil – the person of Love is in God.

Religion is not blessed. Only Love is blessed. Love does not lead you to religion. Love leads

you to the Temple of God.

The formulas and the Love for the Truth are primarily cleansing so that one day you may

enter God's Love.

Without God, no matter what kind of life you live, it is a disappointment.

Do not trust in religion, it is a delusion. Do not trust in knowledge, it is ignorance. Trust in

God. The trust in God is the remedy.

One who is devoted to God is liberated from their predestination.

When you accept God through your freedom, that is true acceptance, it is awareness, it is

pure Unity.

There is no educational system that can change a person, only God is the changer, but for

the one who has chosen Him.

If your love for yourself exceeds your love for God, you will surely fail.

Any deed that is not Love for God has no meaning.

If a person's primary goal in life is not God, they are an idolater.

The most important thing in life is for God to be on your side.


Eleazar Harash, February 2015


Everyone who prays is surrounded by mysterious invisible help.

The Prayer is the overcoming of the world.

The Prayer is the acquisition of inner support.

The more the prayers, the weaker the demons.

God is hidden, but the prayer reveals Him.

The Prayer is an act of submission to the Wise Will of God.

The Prayer is a mystical connection with the mysterious forces of God.

The Prayer is faith that acts through Love.

The Prayer is the beginning of a person's transformation.

Maintain your spirit of prayer, my friend, and you will see God.

The Teacher says: If you want to speak to God, pray.

The Prayer is the Hymn of purity.

Without prayer, your soul ensures its darkness.

Seek help through prayer and patience.

The Prayer is a connection to the boundless feeling.

The Prayer will teach you to see God.

It is beautiful to pray for your health, but how much more beautiful it is to become worthy of


The Prayer is your fiery weapon, my friend.


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